Client Projects Ecovative is a super cool biomaterials company from Green Island. They make things using mushroom mycelium. I designed their website. Ant Hill is a startup from Saratoga Springs that matches college students with jobs at local businesses. I was responsible for the front-end design. A microsite for Ecovative Interiors. Ecovative’s new eco-friendly product line for home and office interiors. A forum for the Grow-It-Yourself community to discuss GIY material. A microsite that raised money for the Ant Hill Hacker House.

Side Projects / Open Source Trying to make some extra cash with t-shirt affiliate links. A webpage for my fish tank. Pulls live data from a Raspberry Pi. A React/Redux application called Lemonade that tracks how often you pee. A CSS framework I built from scrizz-atch. It uses PostCSS. A custom CSS reset I use on all my projects.

Code Experiments I drew a desk in Illustrator, exported it as a SVG, and animated it in the browser. A todo list I built while learning AngularJS.