Micron: My Favorite Pen

Up until recently, I had no preference in pens.

I’ve always disliked pencils (an eraser? what is this practice?). But a pen was a pen. If it put ink on paper, it was fine by me.

That was until I recieved a pack of micron pens from my grandmother for Christmas.

Holy ballpoint Batman! It was love at first scribble.

You might say, “Come on Shane. A pen is a pen. How special can it be?” I would say “It sounds like somebody hasn’t used a Micron before. Here try mine.” And then I would hand you my pen because I’m just a nice guy like that.

Now I carry my Micron 05 with me everywhere I go. When I sleep, it sleeps on my bedside table. It’s a perfect pen for everday use. Excellent for writing, scribbling, doodling, drawing, and other activities a pen might be useful for.

I usually keep a Micron 1.0 in my bag too. This one is larger, less like a pen, more like a thin felt tip marker. A great pen for sketching wireframes or writing page titles. Anything where you might want a heavier weight.